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BIOTALK is a collective community based project linking together the worlds of R&D, Regulatory, Manufacturing, Process development, Industry, Academia to bring together and harmonise our approach to this marketplace

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Recent problems in clinical trials management have led to the entire process, from patient selection to regulatory filing, coming under unprecedented scrutiny, thus representing one of the major hurdles to successful market entry.

BIOTALK offers the space to plan and execute trials, whilst also facilitating the means for trial providers to showcase their particular expertise. This is a valuable channel given the increasingly complex nature of the mechanism of action as the era of systems biology, metabolomics and fluoxomics enters maturity, impacting directly on the critical trial design and execution phases usually outsourced.

Companies are encouraged to highlight themselves as well as educate the community to new and exciting developments in this ever-growing arena. We also invite the specialist advertising and PR agencies responsible for creating new wave campaigns around biologics to represent themselves with the aim of giving transparency to the community at large.

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