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BIOTALK is a collective community based project linking together the worlds of R&D, Regulatory, Manufacturing, Process development, Industry, Academia to bring together and harmonise our approach to this marketplace

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BIOTALK wants to hear the views of individuals involved in:

  • Process creation - establishes a basic lab-scale process for the manufacture of preclinical and early clinical material.
  • Process development, scale-up and optimisation, Fermentation and Cell Science
  • Process validation – in line with all regulatory frameworks and industry standards

Process Science

We recognize that many of the basics of separation and purification are well established. Selecting, modifying and applying an optimum combination, alongside other less well-known approaches, such as expanded bed chromatography, Biotalk allows a ‘know-how’ forum, which provides you a fast route to establishing a robust and scalable downstream purification process by understanding and debating the scientific and business side of the equation.


Biologics bring with them a series of unique issues when establishing formulations that are stable, underpinning good product delivery and performance. Ground rules and regulatory frameworks are embryonic and poorly defined - experience again comes to the fore in quickly identifying the best strategy and development programme to follow. Biotalk aims to capture this in our community approach, allowing you to fuel the debate.

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